Our Robotic Process Automation is for everything that you need for Intelligent Automation
  • 01

    Automating IT Operations


    RPA holds the potential to maximize process quality and boost the productivity of IT operations.

    • User experience monitoring
    • Backup and patch management
    • Incident management
    • IT Operations Management
    • IT Services Management
    • Security Operations Center
  • 02

    RPA Assessment


    Next-gen scoping on engagements and crafting a dynamic automation pipeline.

    • Offering a high touch, automation assessment backed by RPA experts.
    • Determining the client business model in terms of RPA readiness and maturity level.
    • Tailoring the pipeline of RPA solutions with the help of customer’s existing resources, technology, assets, and data.
    • Delivering super-fast implementation speed and utmost agility.
  • 03

    Process Mining & Optimization


    Envisioning the holistic view of the end-to-end process and analyzing the automation potential.

    • Developing a continuous process automation pipeline to scale RPA and detecting the bottlenecks.
    • Leveraging process mining technologies to increase the ROI potential of automation.
    • Use cases documented in-depth to cover the interfaces, human to machine process, break-even analysis, and dependencies.
  • 04

    RPA Development & Deployment


    Robust blended delivery model to assure accurate RPA development & deployment lifecycle.

    • Assuring utmost efficient delivery of the respective business processes for automation.
    • Assisting enterprises to acknowledge ins and outs of building automation in their own ecosystem.
    • Blended delivery model backed by phased approach for implementation, development, and deployment.
  • 05

    RPA AOM & COE Strategy


    Inclusive strategy consultation and rollout of the Automation Operating Model.

    • Analyzing the level of readiness and maturity of the clients.
    • Defining the comprehensive strategy consultation and determining the ideal structure for RPA COE.
    • COE strategy for streamlining the success of the RPA program depending on the business requirements.
    • On-going tracking and monitoring of the business impacts created by RPA throughout a business.
  • 06

    Robotic Process Automation


    Carrying out automation at the highest level possible steadily and persistently.

    • Leveraging enterprise-ready RPA services that drive productivity in the long run.
    • Attain business targets faster with maximized productivity.
    • Experience round the clock autonomic monitoring, response, and incident management to minimize threats.
  • 07

    Robotic Application Monitoring


    Unlocking the true potential of AI & ML with continuous robotic app monitoring.

    • Leveraging AI & ML technology to rectify bugs in the initial stage.
    • Carrying out repeated tests backed by certified industry experts.
    • Ensuring utmost accuracy on customer’s end in real-time.
  • 08

    Robotic Test Automation


    Delivering robotic test automation solutions for superior quality solutions.

    • Carrying out super-fast checks to analyze app quality.
    • Automating all the repetitive, tedious, and rule-based tasks.
    • Ensuring superior quality before the application goes live.
  • 09

    Customized RPA Solutions


    Browse through the comprehensive range of customized RPA solutions tailored to unique business needs.

    • End-to-end delivery (On-Premise and Cloud)
    • Integration with AI/ML
    • Custom-intelligent RPA solutions
    • Next-gen RPA bot development.
  • 10

    Support & Maintenance


    24/7 assistance backed by certified and experienced industry experts.

    • Keep up with your evolving RPA system
    • Grab ongoing support and 24/7 maintenance
    • Update CRM & process data round the clock
    • Tailored assistance from experienced professionals.